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WHEREAS, sea level rise in South Florida has kept pace with global averages <br /> and is anticipated to outpace global average rise as a result of ongoing variations in the <br /> Florida currents and Gulf Stream; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Unified Sea Level Rise Projection provides guidance for <br /> Compact Communities to plan for and address the anticipated impacts of sea level rise <br /> to optimize the remaining economic life of existing infrastructure and advance <br /> adaptation strategies; and <br /> WHEREAS, for high risk critical infrastructure projects with design lives in excess <br /> of 50 years planning values using the NOAA high curve of 34 inches in 2060 and 81 <br /> inches in 2100 are recommended; and <br /> WHEREAS, The Unified Sea Level Rise Projection will be regularly updated to <br /> incorporate greater understanding of the factors and feedback mechanisms of sea level <br /> rise; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE <br /> CITY OF HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA: <br /> Section 1: That the City Commission hereby accepts the Updated Unified Sea <br /> Level Rise Projection of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact for <br /> purposes of sea level rise adaptation planning activities. <br /> Section 2: That this resolution shall be in full force and effect immediately upon <br /> its passage and adoption. <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED this &? day of 712/9"-?f� 2016. <br /> 4 <br /> v <br /> •ETER BOBE , MAYOR <br /> ATT <br /> le <br /> PATRICIA A. CERNY, MMC, CITY ERK <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGALITY <br /> for the use and reliance of the <br /> City of Hollywood, Florida, only. <br /> / / / // � <br /> J; <br /> %e EY,'. SHEF'', C TY ATTORNEY <br /> 2 <br />